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Thread: My Hat for the competition looks similar to another

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    My Hat for the competition looks similar to another

    I talked to jazzy about the Xmas competition and asked her to give me her thoughts on my hat. I showed her the hat and luckily she realized that that there is already a hat on era with the same concept kinda. They look completely different, however they are somewhat the same concept. Is that okay? Or is that illegal, luckily I had only made the first frame of the hat so if it’s illegal I didn’t do all the frames for nothing haha. It’s honestly best if I could show you pictures of the two hats so that you could really see what I’m saying, as it’s hard to explain through text, you kinda just have to see. I couldn’t get a reply from the original thread when I asked this question.

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    I am pretty sure you made another thread on his? Please keep it all in one.

    Editing something and making the same concept are two very different things. I have seen countless caps for example, and you can tell when they are not edited because they dont follow the same outline and have good shading.

    Following the same outline of an original hat/melee does count as an edit.

    After looking at so many, I have to say that it has become really easy to pinpoint which is an edit and which isn't.

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    Could you message me your discord? I made the hat from scratch but I just wanna make sure 100% please, by the way this is the only thread I made besides the other one I made on the competition category of the forum

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