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Thread: Falsely Banned - Help!

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    Falsely Banned - Help!

    My account is falsely banned for "evading a ban".
    What happen was on discord, my friend Bob said he was banned for evading a ban after messaging Junz "you like little kids". I was dress like Bob but with a different name and gender, and I messaged Junz asking if it was true that he like little kids, and he banned me. I haven't been ban before and kept a good record. Since Junz is a Player Relationship Managar, who is higher than Junz that I contact?

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    I have tried toonslab, and haven't gotten a reply.

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    they give you what you are looking for

    and the forums are not to discuss prohibitions

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    We can't do anything about this on the forums - you can only submit a ticket and wait for a response.


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