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Thread: Give us stats on guns from the Gang Coin shop

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    Give us stats on guns from the Gang Coin shop

    Can we please get stats of the guns from the Gang Coin shop. Right now, if you want to know how good a weapon is from the gc shop you'll just have to buy it and find out, wait until another player buys it and ask them or simply judge from hearsay about the weapons. The info given to us from the shop itself is always too vague or not specific enough so you can never trust them.

    "This weapon does (blank) damage and has a clip of (blank). It's very fast"

    How fast? Well we don't know, we weren't given stats.

    Bitzsam used to give us the stats of weapons previously which was great because it gave us a lot of insight on how good different guns were. I would love it if we were given more info than just "It's good, buy it" in the shops. This also applies to the new event coin guns.

    Give us stats of new weapons. We need more info before buying guns.
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    Also, I believe that a lot of the gun descriptions are currently outdated.
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