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Thread: New forting system.

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    New forting system.

    First and foremost, i want to thank the staff for this huge step towards reverting the pk/base/forting system back to what it once was. It has already proven fruitful as many many many more people are doing forts nowadays, but it is still missing a little something.

    As you may or may not know, a while ago healing beds (spawning at the faraway healing beds once you died inside a base) was removed during forts within the forting base. You’ll now spawn at the entrance of the fort and you’ll be able to get back inside much quicker, however, the respawn shield, which neglects all incoming damage, that players would usually have for 3-5 seconds after they’d respawn doesnt for some reason apply when you’re forting, this means that you pretty much immediately die after you get back inside the base.

    The issue with this is that whatever gang is holding the base pretty much slaughters everyone without even having the chance for any other gang to take over the base.

    The gang ez w already capitalized on this. They’ll rush whatever gang is holding the base in which the fort will happen 5 minutes in advance with their 25 members and they’ll just hold the base for the entirety of the fort.
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    I pk forts solo even with gangs "slaughtering" us i always manage to get 300+ kills per fort. As an active pker this update made era/pking more enjoyable

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