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Thread: Rage bar in GraalOnline Era - Useful for PK

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    Handgun Dual Rage bar in GraalOnline Era - Useful for PK

    I suggest the creation of a bar of anger that will be filled little by little until, when it is complete, it can activate it and it happens that it will increase the damage of all weapons and their speed.

    To fill the bar you will have to kill 20 people continuously and without dying, if you delay, every second the bar will decrease. For this reason in Spar it cannot be used since there you only kill one player.

    (I know that when you kill continuously a glow appears in your character, so this bar would replace this glow)

    These are its characteristics:

    -It is activated by pressing "G"

    -When activated, the character will make the animation that appears when writing "Jump" but on the ground and burning in flames.

    -Its effect lasts 30 seconds

    -Weapon damage will increase +2, also its speed

    -The bar disappears from the screen when it is not used or is not killed, in this way we will avoid LAG

    -The player will also have the option to hide it from the screen, but even if it is invisible, he will know when the bar is full thanks to the appearance of a message that tells him that it is already full. Thanks to this there will be no LAG

    -If it is full, it will stay that way for 15 seconds, then it will decrease

    This system also appears in other games


    Hope you like.
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    I have no idea what I've just read but my answer is no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Star* View Post
    I have no idea what I've just read but my answer is no.

    you fill that bar and you will do more damage and you will be faster for a while

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