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Thread: Laser Tag Hat Graphics Contest 2020!!

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    Laser Tag Hat Graphics Contest 2020!!

    Hat makers! Now is your time to shine!
    iEra is looking for player submitted hats for the new Laser Tag shop that is releasing on January 10th 2020!
    We are only accepting: Hats
    The number of hats we accept will be decided after we collect all the hats

    The hats should follow a Laser Tag theme. The hats should look modern and cool
    We are looking for kill reward hats (20k Laser Tag kills and above), hats that sell for Laser Tag coins, and even healer reward hats + turret reward hats. The theme of these hats are entirely up to you!

    Every hat that you make that gets selected to be sold in the Laser Shop will get you:
    1) x2 EC
    2) 5000 Gralats
    3) The hat itself added in your inventory
    4) 20 Laser Tag Coins

    Due Date
    January 7th 11:59PM EST

    Contest Rules
    1. Every Hat Submission must be made from scratch. We DO NOT accept edited/stolen hats. (You will be blacklisted and banned from submitting graphics if you have sent edited/stolen GFX)
    2. Each player can only submit 2 Hats (So everyone has a chance). These 2 hats can be grouped together in a theme (for example: 2 kill reward hats/2 healer reward hats), or each hat can be in different categories!
    3. Submissions that do not relate with the themes will not be accepted.
    4. Do not use pure white and pure black. (It will not show correctly in game)

    How to Submit:
    Send an email to [email protected] with everything listed below:
    1) Your Graphic Sprites (or upload it to a to an image posting website (ex imgur...etc) and send the url)
    2) Your Graal ID (ex Graal1234567 (You won't get the rewards without it! Check the feedback menu to check your Graal ID)
    3) "Laser Tag Hat Contest 2020" as the email subject

    Hat Template

    Q. Are gifs allowed?
    A. Yes, you are allowed to submit animated gif files. In fact, it is recommended

    Q. Are the hats strictly hats? Or are gas masks allowed too?
    A. Yes, gas masks are allowed and will protect from gas

    Q. Can 2 people get the prize if 2 people work on the hats?
    A. If 2 people work on 1 hat, only one of them will get the reward.

    Q. Are mng files allowed?
    A. Yes, mng files are allowed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iMask View Post
    Q. Are the hats strictly hats? Or are gas masks allowed too?
    A. It won't protect from gas, but gas masks are allowed
    *gets triggered*
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    Plasma reward hats are gas masks so this is a big oof
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    The rewards have been given out. Thanks to everyone who submitted hats!
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