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Thread: ¿Which is the best melee 2020?

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    ¿Which is the best melee 2020?

    as there is so much variety of melees I want to know which one is the best

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    I don't think there is any definitive answer for this since there are more melees than I can count and it really just comes down to preference (whether it be the effects the weapon has, or how it looks, people use different things for different reasons.)
    Also, many melees have the same stats and literally only differ in appearance or have unique effects.
    Feel free to pm me with any questions or concerns.

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    The best melee is Renegade Blade it’s a 2015 or 2016 exotic that reflects bullets, has a huge AOE (area of attack), does 10 damage plus the amount the bullet they reflected (potentially 20 damage) can lunge and reflect bullets, heals 20hp per kill, can be placed on your back with cool idle animations, and can stationary heal. Easily the best melee and exotic in the game.

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    The best overall melee in the game statistically is the Blaze Katana.
    The best melee vs bots/in Plasma Corp is the Neutron Claws.
    The best healing melee is the Renegade blade (not to say that the heal is better than the heal of other top tier melees, it just has the best overall stats for a healing melee).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZUNI6A2415 View Post
    as there is so much variety of melees I want to know which one is the best
    Recon Blade , It heals when you kill people ,got animation , got an button to an special move that attack move quickly and got a hat.

    Attack Damage=9
    Special Damage=10

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