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Thread: Games you're interested in?

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    iEra metro
    Counter Strike series (mainly 1.6/go)
    Team Fortress 2 (overwatch but better imo)
    garrysmod (LOT of gamemodes)
    Crab Game
    Bloons td series
    League of Legends
    Super Animal royale
    Should I actually make the pizza gun somehow

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    Death Stranding.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Knox_iEra View Post
    Death Stranding.
    was thinking about this game, my friend has it.
    Ask me anything and ill try my best to answer

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    Quote Originally Posted by N!chola$ View Post
    was thinking about this game, my friend has it.
    I've been playing the PS5 remastered version. It's a very slow-paced, cinematic game.


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