I wandered off dark alleys
Never thought of looking back
I couldn't learn a thing or two
What was it they say?
“choose to be useless or be what we wanted you to be”
I followed their voice
And never mine
I stand tall and prideful
I never would want to listen to anyone
Pain wounded my heart and made me numb
Walking for miles
Looking at a picture perfect family
And hurts me more
It hurts knowing that I looked up to them with adoration
But they weren't what I thought they were
They say
“nobodies are useless remember that”
And criticize me and say
“you will never ever be good as your elder siblings”
But now
Realizing things under the stars
Made me regret and be grateful for
It hurts when I think of it
But I must face it,it's reality
Im grateful to have had them in my once upon a lifetime
I chose to follow them
And mine as well
Im grateful for the help given
I regretted to have said they're not my family and never will be
I needed time
I needed space
I needed a good slap in the face
I needed someone to stand by me
I needed someone to help me up
They my family,they my friends
Are my life and dream goal
I live to love
I live to make wrongs
I live to make rights
I live to choose
I live to live my life
As a gift for everyday
And everytime
I just couldn't hear my words
Because I always hear my thoughts
I couldn't decide on my own
Because my voice is always lost
And I realize
That once in this chapters
I made a choice from my own voice...

hope you guys like it...and I'd be grateful if you criticize my work
So I can make perfect next time...and if it fails there's always another chance to make it right