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Thread: Prs dragging you multiple times for no reason

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    Prs dragging you multiple times for no reason

    Today I have been dragged 5 times in a row by the pr “ “ while I was fishing, even after telling him to stop he remained on dragging me until I finally logged off, imagine u been waiting for like 10 secs to catch a fish and right before you are about to catch it,you get dragged by a 14 years old pr called “ “. nice
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    hes not doing it because he wants to get in the way of your job, someone must have reported you for macro and that report is deemed to be true unless proven otherwise by an admin, which then makes the final decision if the statement of you macroing is true or not. additionally, hes doing it multiple times so that you dont start your "macro" thinking that you are in the clear since the admin just checked on you. All in all when you look at the grand scheme of things hes doing his job so that there isnt a person who macros and brings trade prices of fishes down due to his effortless supply, thus hes actually protecting the value of your labour and that of trades. So I would recommend for you to not cry over loosing at most 2 minutes of your fishing time and carry on with your life.

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    It's just a common procedure for staff when checking macro reports. Although 5 times in a row is excessive it's purpose is to double check and all plus you could have been reported multiple times to have multiple dragging to happen. It shouldn't matter much if you aren't macroing.
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