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Thread: Vector Needs A Buff, Drastically

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    Vector Needs A Buff, Drastically

    Hey good afternoon to everyone reading this , I made this Post Because for like a month now I been using vector, vector Easily Can get outgunned From Mainly anything , it’s definitely a disadvantage when it’s comes to pk/basing and I’m still trying to figure out how The ghost rifle, 15k GC Gun is beyond better than vector which A gun that consumes much times and waste of $25 to get, The issues I have With the Gun is mainly The clip, I feel as though if the clip get Buff To 16-20 & the rof Is Buffed a Tad more it will be a balanced weapon especially in this modern day of era, I appreciate any feedback nothing toxic though please & 10 damage ? Even after all the buffs to other guns why this gun wasn’t buffed? I’m really frustrated ghost rifle better in anyway
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    Our weapons administrator is dead so don't wait for this to have a solution soon.

    I really struggled to accumulate victories and after so long my vector is in my dust-filled inventory.

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    Oh wow smh lol, guess I’ll have to get use to it than

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