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Thread: doing a soical experiment video

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    doing a soical experiment video

    so im Filming this youtube video where i go around the trade tables asking for donations and i get stuff but some people just give xmas i get it u dont want ur items lost its fine its a social experiment /whats the video about u ask/its about the heart off the player they would give good items welp they im my next youtube video btw subcribe to my channel my newest video

    my soical experiment will be flimed at 110 am today so stay tuned

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    I want whatever **** you are smoking

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    check in

    yesterday i didnt flim it today i will at 11 30 sorry for that message my user is [oof] pm me if u wanna be in the video read top for what the video is about

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    Why should I give you the pixels that I own in my inventory? Those are my pixels!
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