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Thread: Vehicle improvements! :D

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    Event Coin Vehicle improvements! :D

    Cars need improvements to make them more fun and useful.
    We must make them completely solid, because only the center is solid:

    (the red square marks the solid zone)

    Adding solid textures around all cars will make them look like real vehicles

    I also suggest that when you turn the cars they slide in this way:

    To achieve this, every time we turn the car, they will slide like when a player slides on the ice in winter:

    Drift in real life:

    In addition, the car should be similar to a shield, it reduces 75% of total damage, so we will prevent drivers from dying when they work by taxi.

    also that cars must carry 4 players because they have 4 seats

    and allowing "drive by" consists of firing from a vehicle, here is more information:

    Finally put new cars in the game of different types, for example off-road, lowriders.

    Here are some images:

    Off road


    Car Pick-up

    Blinded car (if they put it in the game, it would have a 90% damage reduction in the driver):

    I hope you like it, if so share this post with your friends and admins
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    I agree with this, but I think that a drift might become annoying to some.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AliGamer911 View Post
    I agree with this, but I think that a drift might become annoying to some.
    Perhaps, but a lot of things in the game are already annoying such as spammy guns, but what can you do?

    Overall I like this whole idea. *Cough* They should make it so when cars driving fast crashes into the person and harms them like a lot? I don't know, but like 2 hp, c'mon you don't lose 2 hp in real life when you get hit by a car.
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