Hello everyone! We are once again looking for some new level artists to work on iEra. We have updated the levels team application and there have been a few changes. We have moved the application to google forms instead of using email, and there have been a few updates made to the requirements. Please check out the link below.

Levels team application:

These levels must be included in the application, and must be created with the iEra tileset.

2 Exterior levels (be sure to include variety and be creative)
1 Interior shop level
1 Holiday themed interior level (feel free to choose any holiday celebrated in iEra)
2 More levels of your choice that you feel best show off your skills as a level artist

Note: Feel free to include any additional levels. All of the above are minimum requirements. Any additional levels you choose to send can be in any tileset of your choice.

Here are Era's current tiles:

Good luck, we look forward to seeing your creativity!