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Thread: Protected head system makes zero sense

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    Protected head system makes zero sense

    I've met clowns before, graal zone is a circus full of them. But never in my life have i seen an upload system so broken, I thought a fat person sat on it.

    So my friend uploaded a default head (but recoloured the head band which this head has been used by like 10000 people) and it got denied because it looked like a staffs head, which is protected by the staff called Kane.
    Firstly wtf? Kane didnt make that head, he just recoloured a default, and my friends looked nothing a like just used the same default head. Can someone explain to me why this was thought of as a good idea? I understand the purpose, and it makes sense if you had protected heads FOR HEADS YOU MAKE, not heads others have/you didnt make.

    Someone please give me an answer or like explain how this is acceptable, its a frickin default head thats recoloured. He wasn't the first to do it and isnt the last...

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    choose another head and go

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    That's not solving the problem that's just allowing it to happen out of laziness to solve it.

    Also this is a serious issue but don't expect any real solutions, Era makes updates once every 5 years and when they do come out, it always makes things more restrictive and worse, not better. Don't expect your opinion to matter. Just give up.

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    sounds like a personal problem bro

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    Hey, i looked at the original default head and Kane‘s version and it does seem to be just a recolor and therefor he can‘t have the head protected. You should be able to upload edits of that same default head.
    Hai C:

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