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Thread: So i made an house..

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    OOhhhh pretty nice concepts so far. ^^ I'm not very experienced with level design, but am trying to work on it for personal projects, however I find that your levels are spacious and could use maybe something more? I dunno. I like the pathway to the house a lot, and usually when you're doing inside levels you don't need to include the doors considering it would make the perspective a little weird since you already went through those doors and entering another room. I don't really know how to explain lol.
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    You should ask for RC access on Testbed, so you can learn faster and more
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    Not bad. I like the general direction you're going in with the house and the Traditional Japanese style It looks like. I could be wrong but it does fall quite flat the exterior try using a different materials or adding in a few pillars here and there to alleviate that Great job so far though :-)
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