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Thread: Upcoming Gang Shop Weapons

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    Handgun Dual Upcoming Gang Shop Weapons

    Well, I would like to read your requests for the next weapons from the gang shop.

    Since I will be designing 2d sketches to see how well I could be in the game.

    Remember that they must be weapons related to today I do not want a futuristic weapon or so old.
    Be creative so you can expect your idea, the members who are in charge of making this next installment may like it.

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    Some lit assault rifle with silencer with 2modes 1 semi auto 2auto Wich will have an grip and gonna be black colored some more details idk but ye medium-low freeze and medium high fire rate and damage idk 9.5?
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    Gangster Hat Suggestion of weapons from cheapest to expensive. For Gang shop

    cheapest gun: should be like a shut gun cuz npgang shop has not had a shotgun yet.
    Mideum priced gun: A sniper with different modes.
    Expensive gun: A weapon that can be switched to two different guns like pistols to assaults, or smg to pistols or a missile launcher and an assault rifle

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    ofc an rip off flamethrower or an double katana that can be put on back

    or shield that has gun with it

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