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Thread: Graal Era on pc Not working? did it get removed?

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    Unhappy Graal Era on pc Not working? did it get removed?

    so back in the day i use to play graal on my pc till it broke, i use this site but now when i click on it like 2 years later i get the 403 Forbidden error and pc facebook graal doesnt load either so whats the deal??? anyone know anything about this and if theres a new website can someone post a link for me, ty.
    Skylar Biffle

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    try this way : reload the page or type the link address manually the link bar in

    if it doesn't work for you, use other ways to play, like here:

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    try clearing cache and cookies then reload

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    I'm having the exact same problem. Did you get it fixed? Can you tell me what worked for you?

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    102 works now

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