My heart stops yet I can breathe,I'm lost but found.What's a happy life if I cant make the most of it.What's the use of living for a certain somebody just to make her happy,if you cant even make yourself smile. I've dreamt of drowning myself,waiting 'till I'm down to my last breathe yet i couldn't 'coz there's still things left for me to do.I'm a burden,a disappointment.People always ask me the same things but that doesn't change anything.Why am I filled with contentment when I see someone happy?Is it because I gave my happiness away or is it because I cant be happy because it costs me something I just cant give up and let go of.My life has been falling into pieces,so what's everything,what's to live for if everything that I've had disappears. I've never been so happy.
Numb and loveless,
Uncaring and heartless,
Serious and alone,
Deep inside I'm so easy to break,soft-hearted and caring.But I'm standing here so lost and confused,can't even understand what's love and what's life.I don't know if I made the right choice,the right path and choosing to feel nothing,choosing myself than the things I've loved since I began breathing.Choosing pride over love.It feels like I was just born yesterday and just making my memories today and doing things so wrong.Why was life given to me,I'm not worth to live.I'm breaking,crumbling down.Breathing but suffocating.I live to love but now I want to live to die.Going blind but I can see the whole truth.Wanting to banish but fights to be seen.Wanting to be numb but falls in love.But I guess there's a lot to live for.I regret to choose the wrong answer but it's never too late to catch up ,apologize and make new memories to cover the past ones and forgive then forget the old me.I'm glad to have met the ones who changed me.

Knight:So what do you guys think that guy was right for choosing his pride,his ego,his self over everything he loved.But you know the saying" DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER" he might have reasons to choose the wrong my advice to all the people that have done the same things,do what you have to do if you know it would do you good and will do good to the ones you've done this for.I support you for choosing a choice that you know is for the best.{just don't do anything reckless and careless}