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Thread: Unjustified Head Refund

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    Unjustified Head Refund

    Its been 2 years since i played era for a decent amount of time, but 2 weeks ago i started playing the game again in hope that i could pass the free time .nothing much has changed as i expected except for a few updates,but i still managed to get hooked on the game.
    Around 2016 i made my own custom head not a great one ,yet still i was proud of it and that was back when fire gifs that go all the way through the hair were common, a few months later this same head got refunded along with all the other heads that were against those rules, so i remade the head but with a GIF that goes a few pixels (2pixels at max frame) . this head stuck through with me for 3 years, until yesterday i had issues with uploading a head with same reason of wrong animation, the issue was that this head i was uploading was already in game yet they kept declining it i messaged then Pew who is player relation admin, we went back and forth with what animations are allowed and which are not, i ended up getting my own head refunded because of the eye animation, while i could name atleast 30 people whose for animation goes 4 or more pixels above eye region.
    I did get a full refund but its not fair that people with far more animation issues than mine still got their customs ,moreover now my head file is lost as i dont have any backup, tbh i started getting the hang of why i stopped playing the game.

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    yeah fair enough

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