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Thread: Fix GC 2

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    Handgun Dual Fix GC 2

    "CHANGED the bullet positions of the Dual Raffica's, making the bullets leave closer together which should hopefully stop the bug where the Raffica does double damage when it isn't meant to."

    This is a line from BitzSam's first post on the weapon damage buff thread.

    Since he's gone, I ask to whoever that has his position now, do the following:

    No need to make it more obvious. The GC2s has the same issue Dual Rafficas had, which makes them overpowered. Fix it as soon as possible. And also, I know this is the wrong section but here I think it'll get the proper attention it should really get.

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    is that the issue with them? i just thought they were super unbalanced. literally everyone is spamming them and it’s quite annoying. fix them if they’re bugged. and if they’re still op, nerf them Lol

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