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Thread: ❗Head Keeps getting Disapproved. need a quick response if can!

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    ❗Head Keeps getting Disapproved. need a quick response if can!

    I can't upload the head file here so i get a link of it
    here it is:
    -Will anybody help me know what's the problem,
    please or if anyone can fix this, my last upload of it was disapproved and say it was a bad file, and if i submit it again it'll break rules. i really want this head so i will do anything to get it Approved. please Help
    So yeah, my Graal name is Eman

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    Whats the exact reason theyre stating?
    I think the issue might be with that neck area im NOT SURE if scarfs are allowed.
    If u can ss the the disapproving reason, write down exactly what it states

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    The first reason was it is calles a bad file, FrosT said the dark part of the face shouldbe removed, i removed it. and the last reason was No hats allowed, but i saw many heads with a scarf like that but i just recolored the scarf, i just actually get the scarf from the free head at head page 21 (the orange one). it got disapproved for No hats reason but no admin was on that time so was it just getting disapproved automatically?
    So yeah, my Graal name is Eman

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    I dont think there might be an automatic disapproval, if what your saying is correct and scarfs are allowed, and your image has no issues such as transparency, try uploading in a different time maybe that could solve it, the animation is alright within eye area. Tbh what is allowed varies from 1 admin to the other

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    Its already approved, Thanks!
    So yeah, my Graal name is Eman

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