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    False Ban

    Im a Graal Online player since 2013, i had many friends i grinded too hard for my stuff. I had 142k kills and i was close to PSG-1. Im inactive for like since 2017, and i always give people access to PK on my account like how half of graal does and its legal. I never had any warns for USD or any other illegal activities. I never got jailed since 2013. 8 days ago, i let someone PK on my account, because he was jailed for 10 hours. And he said it was false and was waiting for a reply from Toonslab. I let him pk on my account in that time. After 3 days i got 600k hours ban. I asked Junz on discord server and proved him im not guilty. He said "the guy that you gave access, said all the illegal stuff he done before while he was on your account". If he said someone his illegal stuff, why am i getting jailed instead of him? I didnt do anything, Junz already said he knows im not guilty. Yes i shared account, its my own risk but he also havent done anything bad in my account? I never even had any warns for usd? If he told his friend about the stuff he done why am i getting jailed? Staff knows i didnt done any of them, and he had access. And staff knows he only told his friend from Clash Of Clans about those illegal activities havent done any. He just said. Just words not anything done. Please unban me im in gang "Hope" with black party hat. Junz told me to send a ticket, and many other admins said i will get unbanned. But nothing happens.

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    Ehh... it's related to that IP thing, isn't it?

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    I’m sorry to hear that, but we cannot do anything about the bans, we can’t help you, it’s out of our position, the only thing we can do is just simply tell you “ submit a ticket to toonslab”, if it’s been weeks since you’ve submitted the ticket, send another one. Just don’t spam tickets and be very patient, I hope your problem is solved.

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