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Thread: How does Plasma laser tag PVE thing work?

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    How does Plasma laser tag PVE thing work?

    How do I earn Plasma?

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    How do I earn Plasma?
    Plasma and Laser Tag are two different things.

    Laser Tag is a mixture of 3 modes—Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed. While I'm not sure what Kill Confirmed is (I don't play Laser Tag often enough), CTF is just capture the flag but with 4 teams. Team Deathmatch is a FFA deathmatch, also with 4 teams. You get coins based on performance, but no matter what, every member who participated gets 3 coins at the end of each game.

    Plasma is a survival zombie-wave killing mode, akin to Crypt. You kill these plasma zombies in waves and at the end of each wave there's a boss. You keep going until your whole team dies, hence the "survival" title. You then get Plasma Coins which can be used in the Plasma shop.

    Hope this helps.

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