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Thread: Make fishing better please.

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    Make fishing better please.

    I'm not saying it's very bad.. but.. at least make the damned bait 1 second or 2 seconds longer. Literally the sound when the fish bites your hook hasn't even finished yet and the fish is already gone. Make it longer, I know it needs skill but adding a few seconds won't change a thing, or add a sound that will hint that the fish will bite .5 seconds later. It would be nice if that would happen, that would help people relax more without looking at the screen and training their hearing instead. That or have an option to make the phone vibrate whenever the fish bites the hook. So some people can close their already tired eyes from work or something while waiting for a fish. It takes too long enough fornthe fish to bite, making its bite longer wouldn't be such a bad thing.
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    Imma bump it.

    This is a fact A 0.5s/1s longer time to catch the fishy fished fish wont change much in earnings but the fishers will be less tired after fishing
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    Yeah, I am hoping that it can be a bit longer to catch because sometimes era lags, and glitches that instead of .5 seconds it becomes .1 and we never get the fish. I love fishing and adding 1 second to the fishes bites won't increase our earning, the waiting time for a fish is long enough as it is, it makes it even more harder because we have to pay literal attention, not just normal attention, but high attention to catch the fish otherwise we will miss it.

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    They should do it like Old West, it's super fun and looks better.

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    West fishing is very fun!

    I fished for the first time on iEra a few days ago and noticed that the time when the fish bites feels like a hit or miss; you either get it or don't. A time buff would definitely improve the fishing job.
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