Hi All,

In the past there has been quite a bit of confusion around the topic of trade reversals. Due to this, I have defined some rules which can be referred to when determining whether a trade you made can be reversed.

Please note: Even if your case meets all requirements, a reversal is not guaranteed and is up to the decision of iEra Management.
If you spam staff/management, OR harass staff/management in any way, then your case will immediately be declined and your trade will not be reversed.

Trade Reversal Rules

A trade MAY be reversed if:
1. The value of the traded item is extremely high (the item MUST be an ultra-rare with 25 or less in existence)
2. You MUST request a reversal within one month of the occurrence.
3. Some game exploit or glitch was used to steal said item
4. Or, impersonation of a trusted individual was used to steal this item (with suitable proof in the form of logs being available)
5. If there are any doubts regarding the legitimacy of your claims/if insufficient proof is available, your trade will not be reversed.

To clarify these rules further:
A reversal is not guaranteed just because your item is an ultra-rare (25 or less in existence), your item must be taken from you through a glitch, exploit, or impersonation of a trusted individual.
If you do not report the loss of your item within one month of losing it, your trade will not be reversed.
If you harass staff, lie to staff, or sufficient proof is unavailable, then your trade will not be reversed.

How do you request a trade reversal?
Contact an SPR or above in-game (they will forward this request to me if deemed valid).
Do not pm me directly. All valid trade reversal requests will be forwarded to me by the relevant staff.