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Thread: The Shelby Community

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    Gangster Hat The Shelby Community

    The Shelby Community

    - This community has been founded originally by Kume (Thomas Shelby).In order to bring enjoyment to the community and the Mafia gangs.The Shelby Cartel and his Crews are basically based from the famous TV Show called the Peaky Blinders.

    This Community is mixed with Basers, PKers and Sparrers.We have a specific schedule for all these, we are all gamers however at the end of the day fun and enjoyment is the most we value.This community has been founded like one week ago, however despite the fact that most of us already know each other from the past, we are always open for more players to become part of our amusement as we have lot of enthusiasm.

    How to Join?
    - We are and we would always be open for new players who wish to become part of us, the only requirement that we have is that you must have a discord account in order to contact with us and to be into our discord server where you can basically have more information regarding us but also where you can socialize with the rest of the members that are part of it.

    Discord - Kume#6536
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    Should we have downloaded disc or website disc is ok?? Just For Information!!

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