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Thread: Where are you from

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    United States
    I'm from America and my native languages are English. I can speak Spanish but I'm not fluent nor is it native so.

    Quote Originally Posted by Minho View Post
    Welcome! Hope y'all canadians know that y'all aint winning the nba finals this year muahahaha
    Uh, Minho--don't think there'll be any finals this year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiki View Post
    Uh, Minho--don't think there'll be any finals this year.
    I am betting against that >
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    Philippines, my mother tongue is Cebuano (dialect), with other ph friends I use Tagalog, then English for foreign friends , I can also speak nihongo(日本語) not bc I'm a weeb but I'm aiming to be a polyglot lol, practicing Spanish, Portuguese and Russian at the moment.

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    Literally a place you don’t wanna be at
    98% of forum users r from Philippines

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    Hi, I'm Aastha from India but nationality is Nepal
    (नमस्ते मैं आस्था हूँ मैं भारत से हूँ पर मैं नेपाली हूँ)

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    Where are you now? UNDER THE SEA BLABLABLA WHERE ARE YOU KNOWWWWW! Where are you now? Ladadadidladaldadladlalhalhalgawogwaawo wvgsggaaawaw

    Where are you now?!


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    Poland and my main language is polish

    there's not a single polish soul there

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    Brazil - main language is Portuguese

    But all of my friends in-Era are either North Americans or Europeans.

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    Sudetenland .
    Language - German

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    American. Learned spanish through school
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