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Thread: Toonslab ignoring me

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    Toonslab ignoring me

    Like 2 months ago I tried to play Era again after a long break, I saw my account being banned for literally no reason lol.
    I gave access to a friend before I quit since he really wanted to try my chemical gun and my exotic ec weapons.
    I tried to pm Toonslab for 2 months now every single week by sending a ticket but they still didn't message me back.
    I don't even know what the reason is for me being banned, I tried to pm my friend but he blocked me on disc and there is no reason mentioned in my ban status.
    I really regret letting anyone on my account and I didn't think that it's even possible to get an account that easily banned. My graal Id is Graal2309372

    (Btw that's the screenshot with my ban reason+ Id
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    My guess is that your friend tried to sell your account for usd.
    I dont think toonslab will help you at this point since every player are held responsible on the safety of their own account, we were told numerous time to only share account at your own risk.
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    That staff is too lazy to write the reason lmao

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    Quote Originally Posted by imaginary View Post
    That staff is too lazy to write the reason lmao
    Adiams: Jail Reason: Uhhhh...? hmm...?! ban! Beacuse ban? omg just ban him!

    (GRAAL RC)
    Staff Warning by Graal Adiams(): Graal2309372 has been warned for. Banned: Banned

    Btw.. as DerpyLune said Support toonslab cannot help you since your friend maybe want to sell/trade your account. We all know that account sharing might be legal but It is a player's fault to Share his account to someone with bad intention.
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    Toonslab ignoring me

    "Jailed for: Banned" is usually a reason given to those who commit actions in between an account investigation and a revoke. Your friend probably said something harmful to the GraalOnline staff, shared information that's deemed dangerous or was just generally malicious enough to catch the smack of that nice suspension. It's also given out by admins who may experience severe rule-breaking outside of their jurisdiction.

    You can contact ToonsLab again and again until they respond. Stay persistent, not annoying however. Sooner or later you'll get something.
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