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Thread: Toxic Players

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    Toxic Players

    I know it's not my place for this, and i can just report the players, but i've seen and reported numerous players who offend me or others, you know, to try and keep the community healthy. but admins won't do much. just a gag, and then the player resumes to what he was saying. and example:

    - - - Updated - - -

    like i'm positive this is an offense of some sort, a player threatened to do the same to an admin and got banned. why won't this person?

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    For sure bro, its not okay but also its public chat and there are not public chat logs :/. The threat is a pretty serious offence imo. However most you can do is just report him
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    Not the place to discuss reports. Just label the report at racism instead of harassment if that helps :-) Racism reports are automatically considered a ban when proven right.

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