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Thread: What gift would you treat yourself with?

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    a new luxury car, I believe I drive pretty well

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    At the moment it is some thing against mosquitoes Hate them! Currently I am styaying over at my cousin's place who lives not far away from a river and I can witness tons of mosquitoes in the evening I guess that some repeller by Everpest wiould work just fine here!
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    One million dollars usd <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by cristinex3 View Post
    a new luxury car, I believe I drive pretty well it costs pretty much and I have a bad credit score but I found a solution. Here it is
    I was dreaming of a new Tesla but due to the crisis in chips I don't think that even in a year I will get a grab of the car not to mention that its price is constantly increasing
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    New jeans and boots of course!
    Also a new iPhone

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    Quote Originally Posted by trueblood View Post
    New cream or some thing like that and boots of course!
    Also a new iPhone
    I would also like to get the new Iphone but the one I like is much too heavy and expensive. Don't like alternatives on Android.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maker View Post
    I would also like to get some not quite expensive thing for my health. Something extraordinary which my kids could also use. In the long run I chose orthopedic modular mats by Orthopuzzle An ultimate must-have in the modern world for every family, my opinion.
    I ordered several sets of mats for my younger brother who is 5 years old now. He spends about 2 hours a day on those mats
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    A well furnished home along with audi

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    a nice car

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    favorite gift
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