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Thread: Player Search issue

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    Player Search issue

    Hey, so there’s an issue with player search. I’ve been wanting to find an old friend’s account on Graal, and apparently he came back to play the game. His name is Lucas, but I can’t find his account when I type Lucas in the search. And my other friend showed me their account name is just “Lucas”, but a bunch of other Lucas’ pop up, why not his? :/

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    The Player Search Tab is Global, Any server that has name "Lucas" will be searched if the other player is online or Offline for awhile

    You can easily get his profile if he has a Gang or If you already Added him to your Friendlist.
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    Not sure what gangs he’s apart of. He has no tag on. And obviously he’s not on my friends list, cuz I would’ve found him that way.
    You say it will search for all Lucas globally, yet his isn’t popping up.

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    Here is his profile provided by somebody who does have him as a friend
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    If it's a common name and he dont have a gang , i recommend you not to use the search bar and just meet up and add each other.
    Since your other friend know him you guys should be able to set up a meeting place.
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    That’s what I’m trying to do, but that doesn’t fix the issue that the search doesn’t work like it should. What if my other friend wasn’t playing anymore and there’s no way I could message him. This player search would be useless if I figured his name without my friend.

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