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Thread: Email Transfer Follow Up Request Help

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    Email Transfer Follow Up Request Help

    Hello, Is getting request for email transfer for reasons that include not receiving request access approval and not receiving authorization and replies from toonslab possible by emailing [email protected] with the email associated with the graal account? and is it possible to make follow up requests for some valid reason such as catch up on the next auction.

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    Did you use google translate for this lmao

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    Be patient, Toonslab Response takes around 2-4 weeks to get some response from Toonslab tickets.

    Also try to contact Higher Staff via Discord
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    Quote Originally Posted by kaiZer View Post
    Did you use google translate for this lmao
    If he doesnt speak English its the fastest thing to do since non-English threads are not allowed.

    But yeah, I dont understand a thing.

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    No. If someone guessed "email" deny and ignore is a hacker!

    Hacker will give up, eventually.

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    You can contact Senior Player relations, but also don’t send too many tickets to toonslab, wait for about two weeks, and then send in another ticket. And auctions won’t be redone, you just have to wait for the next upcoming auction!

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