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Thread: Upload Rules Need To Be Changed

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    Upload Rules Need To Be Changed

    Some of the upload rules that I've read are ridiculous. They're way too strict even though they aren't affecting anyone's gameplay.

    GFX players now don't get to express themselves as much compared to what we had years ago (gfx artists such as robg especially). The only rule I understand is copyright, but why also have to restrict original content?

    "We do not allow food customs", like what's the point of having that rule? What does it take away from someone's experience on the game. Chickenpotpie's signature look was a chicken pot pie and it didn't affect anyone's gameplay at all.

    Era should just re-open the customizability freedom we had back in like 2012 for GFX artists that want to share their creativity.

    If you think the current upload rules should stay, I would like to hear some points on why. I don't see any other reason to have such restrictions otherwise.

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    I agree.

    If they're gonna limit the artists' freedom, they should make the price lower too. 20k for a human/mammal heads are too boring tbh because thats what I always see on era, I'd like to see people having elves/orcs/birds/fish etc. heads. They also deleted my angry noob head, idk why.

    Gameplay's aint that much y' know (Things are so repetitive). But these new things that players make (like hosting new events on their houses) like minigames are more fun than doing the game's features (working/pking). Seeing these new things makes me happy, if theyre going to make house rules like "Make it a real house" or something, this game's gonna die.

    Okay back to the upload rules, I second the question "Why would they add that rule?". Yea, WHY?!
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    Well, iEra itself is a bureaucracy...

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    Just to let you know though- Upload rules have been in recent discussion, not so sure when exactly the rules may change though or what the changes will be.

    Keep in mind that Graal is one of the few games that lets you customize your character this much with things you created, so not everyone may know proper rules that can affect ganis. This is one of the reasons why we do not allow certain things on bodies like mermaid tails or food bodies where they don't have arms. Being an artist, I am all about letting people let their creativity out, but you also have to understand that certain rules need to be put in place because of game mechanics and not necessarily because we don't want to let you be creative. Some heads that aren't necessarily human (like food) can be mistaken for hats as well, and while not too problematic I can see why that rule is set in place. When games grow, its normal for rules to become more strict, specially when people are allowed to change so much on their character where on other games you have to pick from what is given to you.

    With that said though, I agree that our rules can be very strict, hence why it is already a topic of discussion and may soon be changed, but on some aspects you also need to try and understand a little more onto why some things can be limited- it is not always about others being malicious.

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