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Thread: Racist and dirty mouthed players not getting jailed or banned?!

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    Racist and dirty mouthed players not getting jailed or banned?!

    So there are free kills at dino bone caves and I'm taking advantage of it, and they can't kill me so they bark and bark at me and I don't care and then they started saying profanities at me and calling my character racist blonde white person jokes. at first I didn't get and I realized why she's doing it. its because she's racist and hates everyone with blonde hair, like WTF! Is this why no one wants to talk to me if I'm wearing the blonde hair head and when I wear the black haired one I'm always the center of attention.

    The admins didn't respond and there's this itunes nub saying the word "meow girl" at me and the admins dont care.

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    When they do it, no ban. When I do it BAN!
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    If this was happen via public chat i would suggest to Report the player and contact a PR online at the same time so they can prioritize your report first since there is no Public Chat Logs and there are also many players reporting other rule breakers too not just you, and block the player after you report her insted of Starting an Argument with her.
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    The forums isn't really the place for these stuff any situations encountered in-game should be reported via report tool. Closed Thread.
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