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Thread: L.O.L (Life of Leisure)

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    L.O.L (Life of Leisure)

    Chapter 1 : Well, this is just great!

    The wind was howling and cold drifts numbing my body. Facing towards the evening sky, I was laying down on the cold hard ground surrounded with tall weird but lush green trees. Bulbs of small light vine circling around the trunk, illuminating the place. Right now, I am in monologue mode and why, I don't know.

    People that loved to read would be guessing all sorts of plot line from reincarnation to transmigration to summoning. Well, let me answer you, no, no and no. There was no accident where truck-kun smashed into me and died which then met the god or goddess in charge, no dying and soul got into another dying person and definitely no kingdom or royalty summon me to be 'hero' (sacrifice).

    This happened because some 'smart' scientist thought they figured out the secret to time machine and decided to build one. In the midst of experimenting, the electric provided wasn't enough that it short circuited the entire institution and resulted in portals that transferred a person into another time, world, space, dimension or even universe.

    As far as the government tried to monitor, so far 151.... make it 152 person was missing due to this incident and out of 152, only 3 person managed to return safely as though they never went anywhere but none of them knew how they managed to get back. According to their experience, only 3 points were same for their sudden arrival in each respective world.

    One, they was transported there out of sudden and through a door or something similar to the size of a door. Two, they got some extra abilities via their hobbies or occupations. Three, they had spent their lives for more than 10 years to 50 years before coming back to this world in their original age.

    From the 3 person's views, two went to futuristic world and one went to ancient world. The two futuristic world diverged very differently from our world as one was peaceful with planet discovery and one was in war with all parties and nations with heavy machinery. As for the ancient world, it was filled with heavy prejudice for all the different beings, used magic and spiritual energy.

    The government revealed that each of the 3 persons had different abilities, one with the ability to understood all languages as he worked as a translator, second person was able to craft magic item due to the person's love for making trinkets and last one was a driver which got the abilities to use any sort of heavy machinery.

    "This is just great. I just want a simple life. That's all I asked for my birthday wish," I mumbled in misery as I refused to move from my spot (for several hours). Unfortunately, I was getting hungry which made me sit up and observed my surrounding.

    "Weird trees, weird vines look like Christmas lights, and multiples small furry animal sleeping next to me," I mumbled again to myself as I softly grabbed hold of a small grey furry animal (raccoon, no maybe more of squirrel). The soft fluffy creature opened its eyes and stared at me annoyed (well, I did disturbed its sleep).

    "I don't suppose you have any food," I felt like an idiot asking an animal for food. But the squirrel understood me (i think) and squeaked which woke its family up. All squirrels scattered around and soon, some sort of acorn was piling up into small mountains in front of me. It looks like acorn but when I chewed on it, it tasted like mangoes with oranges and quite crunchy too.

    Then, a sudden wood breaking sound was heard and all the squirrels hid themselves behind me. I saw from quite a distance around 25-30 meters, a giant boar with huge antlers horn was staring at us with its big beady eyes and nostrils flaring.

    "Well, this is just great!" I wanted to scream aloud but my voice decided to go deadpan on me.

    ***My first chapter on long story, please give some review. Thanks

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    My life of leisure began when I got a new bad. And the quality of my rest went from 10 to 1000 in a moment. That's why I bring this newly found passion everywhere, everyone should experience this level of pure bliss. You should get something of this kind

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    Really good. Waiting for new chapters.

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