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Thread: Schrodinger's cat

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    Schrodinger's cat

    Fear,buried in the depths of yer heart,
    Tears,fall from yer eyes,what to do.In this world that is wrong,that is right.
    What is to pursue?What is to conquer?What is to resolve?
    All that there is,nothing but raging desire.
    Hate,pain and love.What can a man do?For he is alone to fight all odds,for he is
    in solitude to testify his own judgement.
    Against a cruel a crowd.With noone by him to stand.
    Standing in complete silence,he brought all his gazes around him.Watching all that surrounds
    him burn in chaos.
    As all the happiness he once knew of,fades away from view.As all of it succumbs to darkness.
    Being told to only speak nothing but lies and to turn only a blind eye,to forget truth as it never existed.
    For him,disappearing from sight,being the air in a crowd.People around him kept distant,isolated only to himself.
    With a melancholic heart,with a strong-willed mind,an unbreakable soul,a prideful vessel yet a series of emotions
    mixing in.
    Becoming a chemical,toxic to himself.
    He once asked.
    Am I alive?
    Am I dead?
    Am I with value?
    Am I just a complete trash?
    The desires of my voice,the thoughts of my mind.
    To be heard,to be acknowledged,to be seen,to be a meaning myself.
    For them to understand my intent.
    For them to remember and not forget my worth.To prevent myself from withering away from this world.

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    I like Cool Cat, He rules! and his lucky number is three and loves four flavors of ice cream. He likes Rock and Roll, Old country cowboy songs, Jazz, and romance songs from Lady Gaga.

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