Chapter 2 : Somehow, I got a menu in front of me...

'Should I pretend to be dead? Wait, that only work on bear. You know what. Let's just run,' I was thinking so much. I stood up and started to run the opposite site of the boar like creature. The squirrels were clinging to my shirt and pant, trembling in fear. I was quite athletic even though, I was more of a book person. I ran for a while, dodging trees branches and roots but the boar was chasing me relentlessly. Soon, rocky boulders surrounding was within my sight and some of the boulders had sharp and long spikes on their side. An idea sparked in my mind and well, it was worth a try.

I skidded to stop and faced the boar. The boar grunted loudly in anger when he saw I stopped. It started charged at me with full speed. I leaped to the side and the boar was skewered by the spikes. A ringtone rang near my ears and the squirrels were climbing down from my shirt and pant.

Ding. Experience gain

"What...." I trailed off as a screen menu literally popped in front of me like those in the games. The screen faded and became an interface menu with words like, Name, Age, Level, Exp, Skill Menu and Inventory. It was a normal square menu and curiosity grabbed hold of me.

I touched the [Name] screen button and it felt like a mirror surface as it highlighted the name. With that, another screen came up with my name on it and within 5 second, the interface menu came back out. I sat down on the rough ground surface as the squirrels were rejoicing, more like dancing around the boar corpse.

Name : Hai Xue [Please rename. This world does not comprehend Chinese language]

Age : 18 years old [Human]

Level : 1 [Experience : 15/30]

Skill Menu : Press to see more

Inventory : Press to see more

"Don't tell me that I somehow got a game ability. What does that have to do with my talent or hobbies or job? I mean, I worked at convenience store as cashier, I only loved to read books and I am not sure of my talent at all," I muttered and many puzzling thoughts were swirling in my head.

I stopped thinking and took a deep breath to calm myself. It took away some panic and I shut my eyes to process my thoughts slowly. About few minutes later, I opened my eyes again and I pressed on the name button which I just rename myself as Snow (snow means Xue in Chinese). I proceed with inventory button. It popped out with a 6x6 square boxes on the screen.

Inventory: - Normal clothes [Equipped] Black Backpack [Other stuff in it - Press to combine with Inventory] Below the boxes : [Sort] [Harvest]

I pressed the backpack to combine with Inventory and I was surprised in a way but good kind of surprises. I laughed as I checked the Inventory again.

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