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    Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands

    Hey everybody, I just wanted to share this Nintendo DS game I just started playing. It’s called Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands and it came out in 2008. I played the 2007 HM game called Island of Happiness and I loved it. This game brings back the same features, and I’m hoping to see many more things added to the game!
    This game puts me to the grind just like in Era. Pulling weeds off my farm, breaking rock to get materials to build, and chopping lumber for wood. In this game, you get a stamina and fullness meter, so you can only do so much in a day before getting tired. Every day goes by having a day/night cycle, 24 hour period, but the hour goes by like every 2-3 minutes of gameplay, so you’re not bored waiting for your crops to grow on the farm.
    Very enjoyable game!
    What games have you guys been playing beside Era?
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