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Thread: GST 2020 Announcement

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    GST 2020 Announcement

    It’s late June almost July already and GST still haven’t been announced, lmao. Literally the biggest event in all of Era and you guys don’t even bother to work on it but will update crab events ? that’s why this game is going dead every single year Qualifications would start in May/ early early June. This year 2020 there’s nothing everybody in MPX is going crazy about people are going inactive . This event is the main reason why half of era even plays. And for those people with no brain who says GST is in august it isn’t, every single year it’s in July the ONLY reason it was in august was due to No host and server moving problems which delayed it, there’s no reason for this year. #GST2020

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    ?? agreed

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    The announcement will be posted soon.
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