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Thread: 10 days later 120hr harassment jail

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    Angry 10 days later 120hr harassment jail

    So its 10 days now since a corrupt admin jailed me without warning and while I was Offline,been submitting tickets 4times now and still no reply,Just wanna make clear that I DIDNT DO ANYTHING AGAINST GRAAL POLICIES,whatever that admin accuses me of,He's just taking sides.He should've cleared my Status when I was offline if my status was a problem to him instead of jailing me for 120hrs just for "leaking private info" via status lmao what a joke.

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    It's just 120 ht lol I was banned for 600k hours for doing nothing so yeah u should be glad
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    Believe me or not, you will not get any responses here from staff about your issues.
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    This is not the place to post regarding jails.

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