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Thread: Need help - Cannot play Forza Horizon 4

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    Need help - Cannot play Forza Horizon 4

    Hi all, I have recently downloaded Forza Horizon 4 from fit girl repacks, i followed all the instructions provided in their read-me file, even windows defender was turned off while the installation process and i have already enabled the developer mode in my pc. but unfortunately when i open the game through the start menu applications, the game window opens and closes after several seconds, so far i have tried changing the User account to local instead of Microsoft account, tried re running the manual crack activation bat file, but still no luck. any ideas?

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    Solution: Don't pirate games.
    "Experience is the teacher of all things."
    - Gaius Julius Caesar

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    Solution: Buy the game.

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    The solution is, you have to buy the game then you can play it.

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