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Thread: Can you apply for Toonslab?

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    Can you apply for Toonslab?

    Not sure where else to put this. But I'm wondering if theres a way for applying to work for Toonslab Support. I was an admin for 3 years and as both an admin and a constant player i can say Toonslab is very slow and a waste of time if you're not perma banned. Today i was falsely jailed and i know for a fact it was a false jail and i say that on my grandma's grave. And i sent toonslab an ticket over 16 hours ago and have not had a response yet. Very little people have faith in toonslab and i 100% understand why. They're slow and you can't rely on them. I've had tons of experience as an admin and i would love to be able to help out again and try to actually restore players faith in toonslab. Because players deserve help and they don't get it.

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    By working for graal for that many years I guess you can notice that toonslab is being managed by a very limited amount of people, last time I checked (years ago) it was only 1 person who managed it, the reason being is that the power needed to help the players is around the same powers as the manager of the server, meaning that to be able to work on such cases you need to have a huge amount of trust with these powers, in addition to that you need to be able to have a good sense of judgement and rule following. Of course, anyone can say "you can trust me, I worked for graal for a long time", "I have a good sense of judgement and I know the rules", it doesn't remove the fact that the position needs to come from an extremely trustworthy source and working as a PR in era for 3 years I don't think is enough by comparison to older Senior Player Relations and Developers and such.
    I understand that the process is slow, but I also understand why.
    Now for a solution, like every other company, customer support (not PRs) which their jobs is to review the emails, reply, as a first layer to differentiate between spams, reports, urgent (which can be done by 1 person)... A higher layer In which they own more powers to investigate false jails or similar things, then send the request of action to the current toonslab support person, for mail transfers should be categorised as exceptions and should be handled by the last layer which is the current toonslab support person, that person only reviews the report, checks the info given by the lower layers and proceeds to handle the execution.
    With this system, no one would be giving unattended power to anyone, spam and simple reports are handled early on, and more important requests are handled faster due to organisation.
    All that is needed is 2 people, one for each layer. though it's all an idea.
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    I'm sure that you'd have to reach out to Unix directly and develop some sort of working bond to hold this position. If I could guess, the only ones actually receiving and tending to these tickets are him and a couple of PWA's (Playerworld Admins) because they don't have much else going on.

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