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Thread: Auction Item Graphics Contest!

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    I think I may have sent multiple emails by accident, I have network issues so it was a bit difficult.

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    I didn't send the file of my email that is logged in to the grail, there is no problem with that, right?

    - - - Updated - - -

    sorry, but i had to send 3 (or 2) e-mails, since one of the images had bugged, then i sent it separately, so as not to bug your mind even more lol. But now, how do I know you saw it?

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    I was gonna add the extra sprites but I thought about it and it doesn't really need all of the extra animations. But If you guys do end up accepting it can you add one of the bullets and muzzle flash and sound from the other suppressed guns? I would have emailed this to you guys but I'm trying my best not to email you guys again so that you guys wont be spammed.

    - - - Updated - - -

    actually let me stop being lazy I'll resubmit it again with the bullets, but idk how to make a muzzle flash so rip.

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    Thank you all who submitted! Good Luck to everyone, we will announce the winners as soon as we go through all submissions and check for any edits!

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    Where will the winners be announced?
    Hey, I'm Unknown

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    Quote Originally Posted by iShadow View Post
    Where will the winners be announced?
    Im wondering that as well.

    Delt Graphics Team

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    Seems like its been forever lol
    Hey, I'm Unknown

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    Winners have been emailed. I believe some items were auctioned last auction.

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    So clearly i havent won lmao
    Hey, I'm Unknown

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