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Thread: New spawn points for new players (noobs)

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    Cool New spawn points for new players (noobs)

    I suggest that novice players can change their spawn point at the start of the game and not just appear in the usual hospital, because some players who speak other languages should appear in places where there are people who speak their language so that they feel comfortable and understand the game easily (For example, people who speak Spanish are always gathered at the Hotel, so newbies who speak this language should appear here).

    For this to happen, in the tutorial place 3 buttons with the 3 most spoken languages in Graal (English, Spanish, Portuguese) and thus the new player chooses the spawn point they want.

    The new spawn point for Spanish speakers would be this:

    The new spawn point for people who speak Portuguese would be this:

    This will help increase the number of players from different countries with different languages (making the game more famous) and improve the comfort of the game .


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    The words "spanish" and "portugueses" in their respective languages' form;

    "Español" for Spanish.
    "Português" for Portuguese.

    And I get there would be people pissed because other languages aren't included but hell, after English I'm pretty sure Portuguese and Spanish are the most spoken languages in Era.

    Great suggestion.

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