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Thread: Gang Transfers

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    Post Gang Transfers

    Due to a large number of gang scam issues, we have temporarily disabled gang transfers. We eventually want to add a way for players to transfer gangs again, but that will likely be after the new year as the staff team is pretty busy going into the holiday season. For now, gang transfers have to be done by a gang admin.

    To have your gang transferred by a gang admin, it must meet specific requirements. The gang must have at least 100 basing hours, and the gang must not have been transferred by staff in the past 30 days. We feel these requirements are necessary to keep the staff team from being overwhelmed by transfer requests, and make sure they able to review requests in a timely manner.

    We've added an NPC in the start park that you can grab to request a gang transfer. Requests may take some time to be reviewed.

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    Please remove the 100h requirement as not all gangs base, it could be mafia families gangs.

    To moderate the requests, I suggest implementing an affordable administrative fee of 2500 gralats, followed by a transfer fee of 2000 gralats and then a 500 gralats service tax. On top of that there should be a 1500 gralats deposit that will be returned after 30 days (this is to ensure that the gang does not make another request within 30 days - otherwise they lose the deposit. These costs should be borne by the new leader of the gang.

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