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Thread: Tips for the admins :D

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    Tips for the admins :D

    1.) Please stop banning people you disagree with. Every other day I see people getting banned. You can jail people you know, no need to ban people haha. Also, please stop banning over discord, as that is not graal therefore shouldn’t result as a ban. Some people spend thousands of dollars on gralats, atleast be kinder to the community.
    2.) Please stop being corrupt. A little annoying haha, this is graal not the mexican government.
    3.) Please higher-up admins (SPR/Dev/Etc), answer our pms.
    4.) Advertise graal, please. Going back to the receiving thousands of dollars from gralat purchases, you should be able to afford it.
    5.) Good job adding new stuff, by the way. Just read tip 1-3 and graal would be an amazing game. Now before this forum account gets banned and post gets removed because *read #2*, goodbye and much love.


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    1. You are being missinformed, admins are not allowed to ban for petty reasons + there is always proof to back up bans.
    2. I am offended you compare it to Mexican government lol, admins who abuse powers get consequences, again, someone is lying to you.
    3. Realize that higher ups are too busy, and get spammed constantly, we cannot answer to everyone. If there is an issue, contact a PR, and if it is something they can't handle they will pass the message to higher ups.
    4. We do not choose to advertise, so it's useless to talk about it here.
    5. Please inform yourself a little bit, you will be surprised at how many lies and rumors go around because people cannot accept that their actions have consequences.

    Now I am closing this thread not because we are corrupt, but because you obviously are not even reading the rules of the forums. But yeah, I am not banning you because you choose to listen to rumors.

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