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Thread: Updated Turf Map

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    Quote Originally Posted by StefanE View Post
    Quite silly that you would take a “turf map” made by “Blaze Gracetti” seriously like come on this is blaze a troll who everyone takes as a joke. I mean seriously south ridge police? I’ve never even heard of this gang this isn’t legit and never happened. Tbh this is quite funny to me Tattaglia owns all of northwest and that’s how it’s been for a very long time you can’t just say you own a turf like that when you never warred for it. That’s all I have to say if anyone has anything to say you know where to find me - Godfather of Tattaglia
    Ah it looks like youre deluded

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    I mean speak for yourself, you're the one who thinks a turf map made by that Blaze dude is legit lol.

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    Response to The Godfather of Tattaglia

    Dear Stefan Tattaglia. I've been making sure Tatt is actually mapped on maps. so many doesn't even like Tatt and won't do it so you should thank me for that.
    but I'm not a troll,I actually care about the community and try to make it better and no Tatt doesn't own all of north due to Sicilian Destroying Tatt numerous times. if you want Chinatown Back (which I feel bad for you guys losing it) you will have to war the southridge police. Good luck! they're pretty strong-love from blaze

    - - - Updated - - -

    also if your still determined Tatt owns north,most tatts that came to me didn't denie sicilian conquereing it

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