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Thread: Black Squares and Black Areas

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    Glitches !!!

    Black squares and Black areas (glitches) around Era. Please help. Or may be not. I just uninstalled it. Thank you.
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    This is mostly just an internet loading problen it shpuld work after a bit. If ever feel free to reply and I'll find a better solution.
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    I don't have that problem when I tried it with my old phone.
    But I think you're right, it's an internet loading problem.
    Plz let me know when u find a solution.
    Thanks a lot.

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    I don't think it's an internet loading problem anymore because
    (1) The game runs well on my old phone.
    (2) I tried the old version 1.7 on my current phone and the glitches are significantly less.
    (3) The black lines always appeared at the same places. (Near mercy west hospital and speedy pizzas, etc;...)
    (4) I also tried different internet's and WiFi. And my ping isn't high.
    I honestly think the game needed to be updated to work properly on some devices especially android devices.

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    This is an issue that is being worked on for future updates to the game client. Sadly I don't have a release date, but I do know Toonslab staff are aware of the issue and have been working on it.

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    Oh. Thanks for the info, bro.
    Glad to know that they're aware and working on it.

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    If it's android you can forget about waiting for an update. Graal franchise is best enjoyed on iOS.

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    Bro. True.

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