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Thread: It’s fun again for now

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    It’s fun again for now

    Hey guys it’s me and I am back for a little while. I’m recovering from giving a kidney away so my mother could have a new one.

    I’m quite enjoying the major content added while I was away for fourish years plasmacorp, laser tag, gang coins giving an incentive to stare at the same safe in a base for several hours etc I look forward for more fun major meaningful content to keep this game I’ve held dear going

    I look forward to seeing you guys in game again lol378A98B0-938F-4612-AA85-0450D1A2807F.jpeg

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    Welcome back. I hope your mother is doing well post-surgery
    Ask me any era-related question(s)
    I'd be glad to answer


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    Welcome back! Glad all the content has been keeping you in game Hope you and your mom recover well.

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    Welcome back! It’s good to see that you are enjoying the game and having fun. I wish you and your mom the best recovery.

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